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At Pollos Eggs, we are committed to delivering nutrition dense, fresh eggs from farm to your plate. As much as we care about what goes inside your body, we first take care of what we feed our hens. A balanced, clinically approved organic feed is provided to the hens that includes probiotics,  seeds and herbs like flax and Indian ginseng (ashwagandha). Our field workers regularly keep a vigorous check on quality control of the environmental conditions provided for the birds like temperature, light, diet and water. 


Eggs when laid are then sorted, graded, cleaned and sanitised with the UV light. Our eggs are delivered by our own trucks to our retailers and food manufacturers. So it takes less than a day from the time a Pollos egg is laid to the moment it lands on the supermarket shelf for sale. Every stage of the journey is planned with your health and well being in mind. So you can see, touch and taste the goodness of every Pollos egg. We will continue to nourish you and  your family – now, tomorrow and for generations to come.

Good nutrition is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. The food choices we make directly impact our physical and mental health plus the immunity. To compensate for what our regular diet lacks, eggs come packed with protein and essential Omega 3 and a number of other nutrients, all in 70 calories per large egg. 
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Moreover, we are flag-bearers of a green and clean environment. Hence, no harmful chemicals are used at our farm. Also, in our farms the fecal waste of birds is utilized as fertilizers in our agricultural practices which again provides for an organic, nutritional fodder for the poultry.

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